REVO 2015


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Categories : REVO Toyota

1. Front Skirt
2. Front Bumper Guard
3. Hood Scoop
4. Fender Flare (Prerunner only)
  • Standard Fender Flare
  • Offroad Fender Flare (cannot install with front skirt)
  • XTreamer Offroad Fender Flare
5. Body Cladding (Double cab only)
  • Standard Body Cladding (Small)
  • RBS Body Cladding (Big)
6. Side Protector
  • Cab
  • Double cab
7. Tailgate Protector
8. Rear Bumper Cover (Prerunner only)
9. Bug Guard
10. Weather Guard
  • Cab
  • Double Cab

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